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“The mountains are calling and I must go.” John Muir

You are looking at Mount Baker in Northwest Washington State (almost 1100 feet).  The view is from the North and typical for January and February here in Vancouver BC. When skies are clear in this region, Mt. Baker is clearly visible from over 60 miles and I have delighted in its year-round snow covering for many years and from many locations.  It is my most enduring signal image.   This site is both personal and professional.   Professional is to make my background clear to anyone I meet in a business context and to also note my primary business interests.   Personal is to make contacting me more convenient for friends, acquaintances and other interested people.   Many associates and friends know me as Skip Walter from the central 40 years of my life.

The more formal, ‘Gordon’, took over at some point but I still like Skip.


Again, Welcome.

Gordon (Skip) Walter

Accept – Adapt – Advance

gordonskipwalter@gmail.com | 1-604-790-1804 | gw@gordonwalter.me